Strick Trailers announces enhancements to VT100 panel vans


Strick Trailers announced it will be enhancing its VT100 plywood panel vans with vertically installed DymondPly lining composite panels made by Ridge Corporation, as the preferred, standard lining system for its trailer series.

Strick’s VT100 dry vans are 100 in. from post face to post face with lining vertically installed to utilize logistic posts for versatile cargo control. To complement Strick’s sheet and post van construction, the Ridge thermoplastic composite wall lining is lightweight and includes abrasion and puncture resistant qualities. The plastic resin combined with high-strength glass is constructed to stand up to the intense demand of the trucking industry, the company says.

Not only are the composite panels durable, but they are light weight. Strick says they are roughly 240 lb. lighter (on a 53-ft. trailer) than the incumbent plywood panels used today. Ridge says the high glass content panels incorporate the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the market.

Additionally, the Royal Watson, glossy bright white, exterior surface treatment not only looks good, but it is also approved for direct food contact per FDA standards, according to the announcement.

“DymondPly panels with the Royal Watson surface are naturally hydrophobic, prohibit bacterial and fungal growth and protect against staining and unwanted odors for the life of trailer or truck body. A definite benefit for the trucking industry, providing flexibility and reliability in every haul,” says Zach Rittler, director of sales and marketing.

“When a supplier approaches us with an enhanced offering, we listen. When that technology fits with Strick’s product, and makes sense for our customers, we seize the opportunity,” says Justin Bell, Strick Trailers vice president of engineering.

Besides the Ridge DymondPly panels, Strick Trailers also can incorporate other Ridge products into any dry van they build including front wall and ceiling liners, and scuff for a cleaner, lighter, dry van reducing weight, adding strength and providing additional functionality, the company says.

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