The Best Midsize Pickup Trucks to Buy in 2020 | Automotive


Midsize pickup trucks offer most of the utility of a full-size truck, but in a slightly smaller, easier-to-maneuver packages. Since you’re more likely to see them carrying weekend adventure gear than hauling supplies to a farm or construction site, they’re often labeled “lifestyle” trucks. With available four-wheel drive, most can venture far off the beaten path, while others are surprisingly efficient, thanks to diesel or turbocharged gas engines. Nevertheless, these vehicles are ready to work, with many of them able to tow more than 7,000 pounds—close to full-size territory.

It’s a competitive segment that’s attracting more and more attention. The Toyota Tacoma owns it, for now, out-selling everything else, including recognized nameplates such as the Chevrolet Colorado and the Ford Ranger. Keep reading to learn about all of the midsize pickup trucks on the market right now, and which ones you may want to consider buying, using to haul, or adventuring with. We’ve ranked them from worst to best to help.

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