The Farmers’ Truck Makes A Smart Pivot – Huddle


MONCTON – A 2019 pivot has allowed Moncton-based social enterprise The Farmers’ Truck to become cash-flow positive and expand outside of Canada.

CEO Fredéric Laforge and co-founder Mathieu Reyjal originally conceived of the company as a mobile produce store, which they planned to franchise. Now, they sell specially customized trucks to non-profits. The charities then use the trucks to distribute healthy groceries to food-insecure households and alleviate food deserts – areas where healthy food is not readily available.

“For us, our mission is fresh, accessible food in our community,” said Laforge in an interview. “The truck is only a tool.”

Laforge and Reyjal founded The Farmers’ Truck in 2015 with a $25,000 loan from the Community Business Development Corporation and launched an online store in 2017 to complement the eponymous truck.

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