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The Name Says It All: Fuso Philippines introduces the all-new Fuso Super Great Truck Tractor Models

Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation (SFP), the general distributor of Fuso Commercial Vehicles in the country, have humbly brought
in the All-New Fuso Super Great Truck Tractor Models.

Coming straight from the Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) in Japan, the Super Great Truck Tractor strongly enters the Philippine Market in two (2) variants – the FP-R 4×2 with 45-tons Gross Combination Weight (GCW) and the FV-R 6×4 with 55-tons GCW. True to its Daimler DNA, both configurations are powered by the Euro–5 compliant, In-line Six (6) 12.0-litre Mercedes-Benz OM457 Water Cooled Direct Injection Turbocharged Diesel Engine that gives a powerful 401 Ps for the 4×2 variant and 450 Ps for the 6×4 variant. This engine is mated to the G230 INOMAT-II, 12-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).

AMT Technology

Setting a record, Fuso Philippines is the first Japanese Commercial Vehicle Brand in the country to launch truck tractor models with AMT as standard. The transmission’s gear numbers and ratios are optimized for heavy-duty tasks hence fuel efficiency is assured with the same level of Manual Transmission equipped trucks. Such commercial vehicle technology reduces fuel cost for increased revenue and profit.

Aside from the intelligent transmission, flexible drive settings
are provided to suit various
driving situations and load
conditions. Four (4) modes are
available for the driver’s use;
1st Starting-Off (in
Auto-Mode), selection of a suitable start- off gear depending
on load and road condition, 2nd Slippery Mode,
reduces torque for enabling smooth

small movements on low-traction surfaces, 3rd Economy Mode for fuel-saving operation, and last is the Reverse Range Selection, allows the driver to switch between low and high range when reversing.

Driver Friendly Interior

For the cabin, Fuso have engineered a driver and porter centric interior layout; the dashboard design allows for an easier reach to all controls. Air-Suspension Seat that automatically adjusts to the driver’s weight and is equipped with an armrest to reduce fatigue especially for long drives. In terms of vehicle and driver information, the Super Great’s Intelligent Instrument Cluster with Multi-Information Display (MID) makes it easy for the driver to read key particulars thanks to strategically positioned large dials with high-contrast. With the color-coded indicator lamps, attention to important warnings are facile to catch.

Safety Features

The Fuso Super Great exudes with safety features. A Four (4) Level Auxiliary Brake is equipped to increase braking performance that reduces stress and wear on service brakes. This safety feature lengthens brake life and prevents the engine overrunning. Cruise Control System (CCS), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Anti-Slip Regulator (ASR), and Hill Start Assist System (EZGO) comes as standard for better road safety and shipment protection.

All Fuso Commercial Vehicles have passed the state-of-the-art proving grounds of Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks and Bus Corporation in Kitsuregawa, Japan. Every truck has gone through durability, strength, and powertrain component tests. The Fuso Realized Impact Safety Evolution or more commonly known as R.I.S.E is the exceptional safety feature of Fuso trucks and buses which is composed of the box structured door, reinforced cab floor main sill, front box structure, and side beam.

Mr. Takatsugu Nitanai, President & CEO of Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation stated that “SFP is confident that the All- New Fuso SuperGreat Truck Tractors will exceed expectations of its soon to be owners due to the vehicle’s comfort, handling, and performance. We assure everyone that these trucks will provide good returns for owners and operators because of its low-cost ownership.” The All-New Fuso Super Great Truck Tractors, FV-R 6×4 and FP-R 4×2 are available at all Fuso Authorized Dealers nationwide.

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