The Sickest Photos Of Rocket Bunny Wide Body Pickup Trucks


Rocket Bunny body kits are a game-changer for many cars. Their unique process of building the right body parts uses peak level technology. The process involves manufacturers taking a full-body scan of the vehicle, which is then formulated into a detailed 3D digital print, upon which Kei Miura, the owner of TRA Kyoto and Rocket Bunny designer, artfully welds the aero kits.

Kei Miura is hailed as the avant-garde of aero body kits purely because of his innovative 3D CAD design technique, which renders authentic and exemplary wide body products and gear for the cars.

Although the kits are mainly focused on sports cars, recently Rocket Bunny has integrated pick-up trucks into its wide body kit lines. These wide and aero body kits include fenders, front lip spoilers, suspensions (among many other things) that completely alter the truck’s body.

Here are 15 examples of Rocket Bunny’s wide body on pick-up trucks.

15 Toyota Hilux

Kei Miura sets the bar higher with his Rocket Bunny Pandem aero body kit infused in a Toyota Hilux pick-up truck. Miura lends his authentic signature style to the truck that is overtly changed into an aggressive rugged body owing to the kit’s wide fenders, large wheels and tires, and lowered suspension.

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14 Wheels

Rocket Bunny’s wide body kit does more than just convert petite bodies into beastly off terrain models. Their equipment is focused on delivering tough material gear that endures and amplifies performance. Rocket Bunny’s six-spoke truck wheels are flexible, sturdy, heavy, and capable of supporting the suspension on off-road rides.

13 Tires

The tuning house encloses the large 15-inch alloy wheels into rugged off terrain Toyo Tires. Their large and jagged tread patterns guarantee that the pickup truck can gruel through course plains effortlessly with maximum grip. These tires absorb shocks produced from rough bumps and protect the suspension from damage.

12 Front Lip Spoiler

Many people might argue against the front lip spoiler adjustment into their vehicles, but the highly controversial equipment, when fixed skillfully, can lift the vehicle’s performance many folds. Rocket Bunny’s front lip spoiler, made from high-grade FRP material, ensures proper airflow over the hood and sides, improves traction, and decreases drag.

11 Stanced

Rocket Bunny’s exemplary technique of 3D printing and laser scanning, gives the models well-versed modifications and a flawless stance. While many splatter their trucks with wide body kits, Miura masterfully fixes the stance without ruining the appearance and perfects the downforce, traction, and grip. Lowering and widening the truck’s body also provides smooth cornering.

10 Deep Dish Rims

Rocket Bunny delves into the aerodynamics and meticulously molds every detail precisely so that the truck delivers promising performance and a reliable build. Stripping the large tires and heavy spokes, the tuned deep dish rims give hardcore performance allowing you to drive at the same speed with less effort and experience.

9 Datsun 620

Datsun’s 620 pickup truck switches its slim body with Rocket Bunny wide body kit modifications. The truck brims with all aero and wide body elements, but the alterations are purposely kept subtle to avoid overdoing the classic. 620 fixes a front lip spoiler, signature Toyo tires, a roll bar, coil over springs, and new taillights.

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8 Wider Fenders

While a broad negative camber bulks up the trucks’ body, the larger tires and wide wheels require remodeling to fit them in the body. Rocket Bunny’s exclusive wide fender flares ease down the hustle of fitting hefty wheels by providing more room. The FPR built fenders give rust protection and spruce up the truck’s style.

7 Suspension

Equipment designed by Rocket Bunny, for the most part, are coveted for their quality and function. For remodeling or adding stance to the truck, Rocket Bunny prefers practical performance over superficial flair – although it does accomplish a remarkable style in their models. The lowered suspension with coil over replacement adjusts the height that improves aerodynamics.

6 Ford Ranger

Taking Ford Ranger’s T6 model, Sham Body Kit welds Rocket Bunny’s wide body parts and converts the pickup truck into a meaty off terrain muscle. The suspension is lowered increasing the body’s stance while the front is completely modified with a bulky front bumper and thick grille. Characteristic large wheels and tires finish the wide body.

5 Ford F-150

Rocket Bunny Pandem Wide Body Ford F-150 Raptor

Japan’s TRA Kyoto models Ford’s Raptor F-150 with Rocket Bunny and Pandem aero/wide body kits. The remodeling follows the kits’ signature wide body instruments that include wide fenders, six-spoke wheels, chunky off terrain tires, and lowered suspension that drives the body close to the ground although the wheels noticeably lack brake calipers.

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4 R33 Pickup

The R33 pickup truck locks in a powerful RB25, which the owner was specifically seeking in a truck. Leaving the engine untouched, R33’s body is fixed with Rocket Bunny’s wide body kit. The body kit lines the truck with its classic lowered suspension, wide fenders, and a roll cage in the interior.

3 Datsun 521

Rocket Bunny takes over Datsun once again with the manufacturer’s 521 pickup truck. The pickup truck was introduced for sale in 1968 following the 520. It fitted an L16 four-cylinder engine rated at 95 horsepower for the U.S version. Rocket Bunny’s wide body transforms the small frame with a front spoiler and wheel arch extensions.

2 Wide Body Material

The wide body kit is formulated using a 3D printed CAD design, which is obtained after the stock vehicle is laser scanned. Rocket Bunny extensively uses polymer fiber-reinforced plastic (FPR) material in its kit equipment. The material is strong, durable, lightweight, and cost friendly. It protects the car from rust and corrosion.

1 Exhaust

Rocket Bunny’s wide body kit includes handmade sports exhaust systems that consists of side pipes. The circular pipes are welded out of lightweight titanium or stainless steel. The pipes regulate a proper airflow while simultaneously enhances overall performance and significantly increases horsepower and torque. The wide body kit’s exhaust makes a deep throaty sound.

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