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Caleb and Noah live in Blowing Rock with parents Gabby and Justin Hukill. Originally from Georgia, Gabby met and married Justin, an Alabama native, when the two were at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. They lived in Ohio and then Greensboro before moving to Blowing Rock for Justin’s job as general manager for Learfield IMG App State Sports Properties.

Caleb and Noah were born in Watauga County, and since the day each of them came home from the hospital, they’ve been outdoor boys. Cold and snow, rain and wind, heat and sunshine. Doesn’t matter. They head outside in the a.m., and they stay as far into the p.m. as Gabby, an outdoors person herself, will allow.

Besides daily hikes with their mom, Caleb and Noah spend time driving Caleb’s child-size battery-powered John Deere Gator utility vehicle. “It’s a pick-up truck,” said Caleb. Santa brought it a couple of years ago. It’s riding on its third set of wheels.

Naturally, the boys have an abundance of yard equipment, things necessary to “work guys:” plastic lawn mowers, weed whacker, blowers, and like actual lawn maintenance folks, protective wear: gloves, boots, safety glasses, reflective vest, ear protection, hard hats, and so forth. “I don’t have string line for my weed whacker, but I can pretend,” said Caleb, who added that he had an actual blower, a small battery-operated model.

“This is the first time I’ve gone to the junkyard,” Caleb pointed out and then allowed, “I’m just pretending. There’s not a real junkyard down there.” Caleb also was pretending that the tennis rackets were some speed limit signs he wanted to do away with.

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