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This $350,000 1949 Power Wagon is the ultimate status pickup


The Legacy Power Wagon Conversion is hand-built from an original chassis and offers modern features like a Cummins diesel or Chevy V8 and luxurious interior materials. (Photo: Legacy Classic Trucks)

The ultimate pickup truck status symbol has arrived, and it’s a rebuilt 71-year-old Dodge Power Wagon, America’s first mainstream four-wheel-drive pickup and brother to the Dodge military trucks that carried men and weapons in every theater of World War II.

If all your neighbors have Ferraris and every oil baron at the Cattleman’s Club drives a loaded Escalade or F-150 King Ranch, Legacy Classic Trucks has a hand-built classic that will make for you the vehicle people will line up to see  — for $350,000.

More if you’ve got special requests, and with a truck so unique there are precisely 108 in the world, why be shy?

Built in the shadow of the Grand Tetons, Legacy specializes in “resto-mods” of classic four-wheel drive trucks. The vehicles are rebuilt from the ground up, with modern engines and some conveniences. Power Wagon No. 108 is a reworked 1949 model with a twin-turbo Cummins diesel engine and a raft of features unimagined when the pickup was new.

Despite those changes, company founder Winslow Bent says Job 1 is respecting what the original truck was known for.


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Luxury materials, plus Chevy and Jeep models 

Business is good.

“If you ordered today, we could start work on your truck in about six months,” Bent said. Customers put their fee — starting at $250,000 for a regular cab Power Wagon, $300,000 for extended cab, $350,000 for four-door, the most frequent order — in an escrow account. They get regular photos of the truck in progress, and can access a website to see when some of their money was spent on an engine, wood cargo bed, etc.


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In addition to Power Wagons, Legacy builds resto-mods of Toyota Land Cruisers starting at about $80,000 and 1955-59 Chevrolet Napco 4wd pickups starting around $200,000. “Napco,” was the name of a dealer-installed 4wd conversion package for rear-drive pickups, the only kind Chevy built at the time.

Legacy also turns the chassis of old CJ5 Jeeps into Scrambler pickup recreations for $150,000 up.


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Workers learn the ropes starting by sweeping up and graduate to every job in the plant, which does all assembly and painting.

Body panels come from Tisdale Coachworks.

In addition to the modern drivetrain, Legacy Power Wagons offer:

  • Mercedes-Benz wool carpet
  • Alcantara headliner
  • Leather upholstery by Ralph Lauren or 115-year old Chicago luxury leather maker Horween
  • Cargo beds of African sapele mahogany
  • Bluetooth
  • Modern climate control and audio systems
  • Retro-look gauges with modern function
  • Heated seats and other comfort features
  • Saginaw power steering
  • Dana and Dynatrac axles
  • Four-wheel disc brakes are standard, but safety features like antilock brakes and air bags are not available.
  • Cummins diesel or GM or Chrysler gasoline V8
  • Manual or automatic transmission
  • Locking differentials

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