This new EV platform from Karma was built for pick-ups and SUVs


The Karma brand may not be as well known as other electric car makers like Tesla with their Model 3, S, and Y. But the US manufacturer does offer a bunch of luxury EVs including the Revero and the upcoming Pininfarina GT. Soon, it seems that they will be adding an electric pick-up truck to their lineup.

Karma Automotive recently revealed a new variant of their flexible E-Flex Platform featuring a two-motor, all-wheel drive system with “extended-range vehicle (EREV) architecture”. According to the automaker, this specific platform is intended for plug-in pick-ups and/or last-mile utility vehicles.

“We’re very excited about this platform, and how it can be used to improve our customers’ speed to market. Our AWD Extended Range platform has the longest range and widest configuration of all our E-Flex platforms, allowing for high levels of efficiency and configurability to suit a variety of market needs,” said Kevin Pavlov, Chief Operations Officer of Karma

Depending on the variant, Fisker’s all-wheel drive platform can be equipped with an 80 kWh flat-floor battery pack for up to 386 km of all-electric range and features Karma’s new Silicon Carbide (SiC) inverter e-drive system. When paired with an internal combustion engine, the combined range more than doubles to around 796 km. Its versatility allows it to be in used various configurations depending on the application.

“For instance, in a pick-up truck application, this platform’s EREV technology may allow the driver to negotiate steeper grades and get better performance throughout their driving pattern, which is beneficial for pulling trailers or carrying full payloads,” added Pavlov.

Karma develops new electric pickup truck platform image

Karma’s E-Flex platforms are developed in-house at their Innovation and Customization Center in California. It uses various tech already in use today including drive motors from the Revero GT, gearbox, suspension, subframes, steering, battery and electrical systems, and more.

With Karma’s new electric pickup platform, it could be a sign that a Karma pick-up or SUV might be on the way soon. The EV builder could also offer its platform to other manufacturers to make “Karma powered” vehicles. Whatever the case, Karma sure has a lot of things planned ahead.

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