To the editor | Two good Samaritans


To the editor,

Recently while shopping at Food Lion I forgot to turn the lights off on my truck. Even though in the store for just a few minutes, upon returning to my truck, enough power had been drained from the battery to prevent the truck from starting.

Immediately I began to look around to ask someone to give me a boost. Of the six persons I asked for help, only two tried to help me, and with cheerfulness. The other four turned me down promptly.

A woman first offered to help, she was a total stranger to me but yet wanted to help. I deeply regret I did not give her my contact info for later contact. If you read my letter, friend, do contact me. As for the man who offered to help me, I thank you again and you already know how to contact me.

We still have some Good Samaritans in the midst of the awful times in which we live.

Jim Little


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