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Top 10 truck toys of 2023 – Truck News

Mariah Carey tells us that all she wants for Christmas is you. As for the rest of us, we’re eyeing the truck-themed toys that may roll under the trees in the homes of good girls and boys.

In the spirit of the season, let us present our fourth annual look at 10 of the top trucking toys on the market.

Bruder truck
(Photo: Brudertoys)

1. Bruder Scania R-Series UPS truck with forklift

If you have a truck, it must be loaded. And if you need to load it, you clearly need … another toy. This Bruder Scania R-Series truck has a detailed cab with folding outside mirrors, opening doors, and a windshield made with transparent plastic. The barn doors also swing open, ready to accept freight from a Moffett with a sliding adjustable fork.

Wresting rig
(Photo: Mattel)

2. WWE Wrekkin Rampage Rig

It might have been the alliteration that caught our attention, but the WWE Wrekkin Rampage Rig celebrates the way some of us used to play with our truck toys. The semi itself has 11 breakaway parts. Action figures can also hold matches inside the extended Wrekkin Ball. Rotate the crane and extend it seven inches to “take the action to new heights”. Pressing the engine block under the hood also launches opponents from the top of the truck. And who hasn’t wanted to do that to a competitor?

Barbie food truck
(Photo: Mattel)

3. Barbie Fresh ‘n Fun Food Truck

Barbie had a hit movie this summer, and she has explored careers paths from aerospace to zoology. So why not work as a trucker? The latest truck we could find in her pink-colored fleet included the Barbie Fresh ‘n Fun Food Truck. Measuring 17 inches long, it opens to expose a stove, smoothie station, and storage cupboards, along with more than 30 accessories like cookware and a blender. But let’s get into the politics of the matter. There is actually a Change.org petition asking Mattel to establish a Truck Driver Barbie. “We want to recognize these women and show young girls that the transportation industry has a seat for them, too,” the petitioners say. And maybe once that happens, she can come with an articulated truck? Just a suggestion.

toy auto hauler
(Photo: Mattel)

4. Hot Wheels HW Mega Hauler

Auto haulers rejoice. The Hot Wheels HW Mega Hauler can hold more than 50 cars within six levels that expand and collapse. You can also connect track pieces (sold separately) to its upper level to roll cars straight off the truck and into a race. Cars can also be parked atop the cab, which can be lifted to accommodate two more.

(Photo: Castle Toys)

5. Tonka Steel Classic Car Carrier

No list of toy trucks is complete without a Tonka – the company that has brought sandboxes to life for more than 75 years. The Tonka Steel Classic Car Carrier features a mixture of steel and plastic pieces to withstand what the company describes as “the most enthusiastic play”. Is there any other type of play? Fold down the tailgate to make way for up to five Tonka Monster Metal Movers or three Might Force Lights and Sounds trucks.

Soedesco’s Truck Driver: The American Dream video game
(Photo: Soedesco)

6. Truck Driver: The American Dream

Missing your truck time when powered down for a reset? Power up your Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X|S gaming system and launch Soedesco’s Truck Driver: The American Dream video game. It gives players the chance to help Nathan follow in the footsteps of his father, a famous and well-respected trucker. Work on developing relationships during each job, customize the truck, and navigate the open road. It includes a 25-hour main story, manual or automatic shifting, and eight trucks in all. You can even call for a tow and repair if things are damaged. Just don’t tell Nathan’s dad.

lego truck
(Photo: Lego)

7. Lego Technic Race Truck

Sure, Lego blocks can be for kids, but the Technic series pushes designs to a greater level of complexity. This Lego Technic Race Truck – measuring 3x5x12 inches — features a detailed V8 engine with moving pistons, working front steering, and cab with opening doors. And when you get tired of the truck (would you?), the kit can be rebuilt into a race car. Hey, it’s Lego. You could even rebuild it into anything you imagine.

RoWood truck puzzle
(Photo: RoWood)

8. RoWood Model Car Kits

We know the elves pine for the days of creating wooden toys. (See what we did there?) The RoWood heavy truck kit is a three-dimensional wooden puzzle with 286 pre-cut pieces. The company says it takes about four hours to complete. The laser-cut pieces are precise, smooth, and burrless, it adds. We’re guessing that suggests a promise of no splinters.

RC Freightliner Cascadia
(Photo: Canada Hobbies)

9. Diecast Masters RC Freightliner Cascadia Truck

Topping the price list this year at almost $380, the 1:16 radio-controlled raised-roof Diecast Masters RC Freightliner Cascadia Truck is made of diecast metal, with functioning headlights, turn signals and sounds. Moves in each direction are digitally proportional. It also comes packed in display packaging that secures the model in a die-cut foam cavity. But really, who’s going to leave this thing in the box?

Monopoly truck game
(Photo: Hasbro)

10. Monopoly Junior: Trucks Edition

Do not pass Go. Order the game. Take advantage of some free parking while you’re at it. Players of Monopoly Junior: Trucks Edition lets players journey around the board as an excavator, steamroller, cement truck, or dump truck. Properties have been replaced with 16 illustrated vehicles. The more players own, the more rent they can collect. It also introduces those ages five and up to the classic board game.

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