Trash truck leaks hydraulic oil on route | News


A Republic Services trash truck leaked hydraulic fluid on several streets in Chino Hills including Rolling Ridge Drive between Chino Hills Parkway and Bayberry Drive, Aqueduct Lane, Glen Ridge Drive, and Determined Way.

Large trails of oil spilled from the truck and splattered onto trashcans while the driver made his route, prompting a resident on Rolling Ridge Drive to wonder if the driver was paying attention.

The incident occurred Wednesday, Aug. 26, just a year after the city spent $1.5 million to pave the long, winding roadway on Rolling Ridge Drive and reconstruct deteriorated pavement.

Republic Services municipal manager Mark McGee said the leak occurred from underneath the truck and could have been a pinhole spray that the driver did not notice as he made his way forward.

Mr. McGee said the driver reported the incident that day and Republic Services immediately placed an oil-absorbent material on the fluid and applied a pressure washing.

Republic Services crews continued cleanup efforts for the next two days and were scheduled to go out again this week for another pressure washing, he said.

The markings will fade over time, he said.

Mr. McGee said the truck is on a maintenance schedule and drivers conduct daily inspections before going on their routes.

“We’re very sorry it happened,” he said. “We do our best to watch and make sure these things don’t happen, but sometimes it’s an unfortunate circumstance with mechanical failure.”

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