TravelCenters of America Updates COVID-19 Response – CStore Decisions


The company continues to follow local, state and federal directives as well as guidelines from the CDC to help keep customers and employees safe.

TravelCenters of America (TA) published an updated COVID-19 response on its site.

The company remains focused on taking proactive and appropriate steps to deal with the pandemic and understands that many customers have questions and concerns.

TA shared what it’s doing to help keep its customers and employees healthy and safe. Of course, TA continues continue to follow local, state and federal directives as well as guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Current Operational Status

All TA, Petro Stopping Centers and TA Express locations are open.

  • All fuel lanes are open, with no fuel rationing.
  • All TA Truck Service centers are open and RoadSquad 24-Hour Roadside Assistance is available.
  • Showers and restrooms are open.
  • All truck parking, including Reserve-It, remain available.
  • Fitness Centers, Driver Lounges and Game Rooms are currently closed.
  • TA is following state mandates regarding dining areas in our full-service and quick-service restaurants. The same is true of casinos.

Current Safety Measures

TA has always taken pride in maintaining clean operations and sites. It intends to continue to play a leadership role and wants customers to have peace of mind when they visit.

  • Showers, restrooms, fuel islands and other common touch points:
      • TA has taken extra precautions and measures with our already strict cleaning protocols for sanitation. It’s increasing its cleaning frequency and continues to use best-in-class chemicals to disinfect and sanitize common touch points for employees and customers. These areas include showers, restrooms, door knobs, light switches, countertops and other non-food contact surfaces.
  • Stores:
    • TA is following state and local health department regulations in all of our stores. It’s individually wrapping food products including hot dogs, pretzels, apples, donuts and pastries to help keep customers safe.
    • In cities where self-serve is not currently permitted, TA has coffee and other beverages available at restaurants.
    • It’s asking that drivers not use their refillable mugs, but rather use a one-time use disposable cup. Drivers will still qualify for the refill price; they just have to tell the cashier that they participate in the refillable mug program.
  • Customers:
    • TA is following state and local mandates regarding wearing masks or face coverings. Current states requiring customers to wear a mask when entering our sites include: New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Face masks/coverings in California and Texas are city-mandated and will vary by site. A sign will be posted on the door if a mask is required.
    • TA is encouraging customers to practice social distancing.
  • Employees:
    • Employees have been advised to take care of themselves and be aware of best practices for preventive safety measures. This includes frequent hand-washing and staying home when feeling ill.
    • Employees are encouraged to follow CDC recommendations of practicing social distancing and wearing masks or other cloth face coverings
    • Truck Service technicians are required to wear safety glasses and bump caps while working or being in the shop bays as part of their PPE requirements. As an additional precaution, employees have been instructed to avoid entering the truck cab unless the repair/work at hand is actually in the cab. For repairs or inspections that require a technician to enter the cab, technicians have been instructed to wear disposable gloves.

Current Food Options and Restaurant Status

TA is working hard to make sure to address the needs of its driver community at each of its sites, and that includes ensuring food options are available. It remains committed to ensuring drivers have access to food options while visiting.

For current full-service and quick-service restaurant hours by site, customers can use the location page on the website or the TruckSmart app.

Online ordering is now available at all Popeyes locations and at TA’s open Iron Skillet restaurants.

Hot and cold pre-packaged items are available in the travel stores including deli sandwiches, burgers, burritos and more. Other options that vary based on site include homestyle cooked meals located in the fuel buildings and travel stores, quick-service restaurants and carry-out from full-service restaurants.

TA thanked its customers for continuing to allow the company to serve them as everyone navigates through this unprecedented time together.

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