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Travelling booth with President Trump and American gear makes its way to Fremont County


FREMONT COUNTY, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) –

Several people from Pennsylvania who have been laid off from work or have had work slow down are making their living in a different way recently. The group has been traveling around Wyoming selling American and President Trump apparel and gifts.

Owner of the booths, Patrick Halfhill noted, “You’re going to go where your business is at: Wyoming, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma are all very conservative states. To set up in a liberal state wouldn’t make any sense doing this. You’re just going to get harassed. And I mean we’ve had protesters here, and we’ve had people going by screaming and hollering at us for setting up Trump stands. And everybody is entitled to their opinion, that’s their first amendment right.”

So far the booth has been to Cody, Worland, and Thermopolis. It is currently set up in Riverton and Lander. The group is independent and purchase their goods to sell from a warehouse in Montana.

They are traveling across the country to red states to make a living selling items like hats, t-shirts, and face masks with patriotic sentiments, many of which support our President.

Although Halfhill is an over the road truck driver by trade, work has been slow, so he took the opportunity to earn some income another way. Meanwhile, the Riverton Police Department confirmed that an 18-year-old female had caused disturbances on private property near the Trump booth, and the property owner requested that the female be asked to leave the premises.

Halfhill stated, “A young female came out with a profanity Trump sign. She was actually great for my business, with her out there dancing and screaming profanities, people were coming in just to buy stuff. My issue was that I had a high schooler across the street doing a fundraiser, and i just can’t have that.”

The booths will stay open in Riverton and Lander through next weekend.

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