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Trimac testing range of emissions slashing technologies – Truck News

Trimac is testing a wide range of options when it comes to slashing emissions from its fleet in a variety of applications.

The company is a participant in the Zero Emissions Truck Electrification Collaboration (AZETEC) program run by the Alberta Motor Transport Association. The project looks to develop and test a zero-emissions truck with 700 km of range, with testing set to commence in October.

Hydra retrofit
(Photo: Trimac)

Trimac is also working with MEDATech to test a fully electric on-highway truck to haul copper concentrate from Teck’s Highland Valley Copper Operations in southcentral B.C. to Ashcroft, B.C. The electric truck is expected to put out about 830 hp with twice the torque of a diesel.

For more traditional freight hauling applications, the company is investigating the potential of a Freightliner eCascadia with 350 km of range and capable of grossing 82,000 lb. Trimac also placed five reservations for Tesla Semi trucks, with an eye toward longer ranges (800 km) and faster charge times (70% in 30 minutes).

Trimac is also working with Hydra Energy, retrofitting one of its truck with Hydra’s dual-fuel system that displaces about 40% of diesel with hydrogen. Trimac took delivery of the retrofit truck in July.

And on the dual-fuel front, it’s also working with Innovative Fuel Systems, testing its hydrogen retrofit.

Meanwhile, Trimac is also part of the HTEC H200 Gateway Program in B.C. and Quebec. This project involves deploying 200 heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, along with 16 fueling stations and two large scale byproduct hydrogen liquefaction systems.

“By investing in electric and fuel cell vehicles, collaborating with government consortiums and third-party organizations, investing in research and development and conducting pilot programs, Trimac hopes to lead the industry in the promotion and implementation of sustainable transportation solutions,” the company said in a release.

AZETEC graphic
(Image: Trimac)

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