Truckers met with free lunch, cheers from Tucson community members | Local news


They reached out to Kurt Dandoy, president of operations at Triple T Truck Stop, to discuss how they could support the mission to support truckers.

For Triple T, the proposition to supply bagged lunches filled with a sandwich, chips, a Rice Krispies Treat and a soda was an easy decision.

“These drivers have a different world. Every night you and I go home to our families and we worry about this pandemic that’s going around today, but they don’t get the opportunity to do that,” Dandoy said. “I talk to drivers all the time and they told us about their concerns about home, but they’ve got to be on the road.”

The worries for truckers extended to Gov. Doug Ducey, who issued an executive order to permit food trucks at eight Arizona Department of Transportation interstate rest areas.

Dandoy, a 38-year veteran in the industry, said without the essential work by truckers, it could become a “bigger problem than we can ever imagine.”

“We’re proud to be allowed to be part of this great plan they put together, and we’re happy they chose Triple T to host their event,” said Dandoy.

“The credit goes to the church and the organization out there for showing their appreciation to the drivers. It’s something that should be done long-term anyways.”

The Arizona Department of Public Safety and ADOT also lent their help by changing signs to signal free lunch was at the particular exit.

The organization is prepped to offer more sandwiches Friday afternoon with plans to be out at Triple T again next week and as long as funds continue.

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