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Trucking is vital link in all-important supply chain – NewsChannel 3-12

SANTA MARIA, Calif. – Truck drivers are on the road around the clock morning, day and night delivering food, medicine and other important products to keep the supply chain open and rolling along during the Covid 19 pandemic

The trucks are trying to keep with growing demand good and services on the Central Coast, across California and the nation, some drivers working 15 hours a day and as much as six days a week.

“I work cross-country so normally its 11 or 12 hours a day for me”, said truck driver Dinnie Singhoffer during brief stay at a Santa Maria truck stop, “we don’t have do too much loading and re-loading when you’re driving cross-country.

When consumers go to their local market to get the food they want or need, the store shelves are fully stocked and the meat and produce is fresh and plentiful.

“You know who’s done just an amazing job are the truckers, the trucking industry and the people who work in the warehouses”, said John Spencer, owner of Spencer’s Fresh Market in Santa Maria, “we’re canned tight (referring to the store shelves), the deli is looking great, the perishables, the meat counter, completely full.”

Spencer, who has been in the grocery business for 49 years, credits his team of employees for constantly stocking and re-stocking shelves with new products and cleaning the store
He says more people are cooking or eating at home due to Covid 19 concerns which is fueling demand for fresh food and groceries. “They can eat better, they can eat healthier and they can eat more economically. Now they’re starting to learn how to cook and as a grocer I think that’s a good thing.”

It’s keeping truck drivers like Dinnie Singhoffer on the road more and more.

“Its not too bad, Singhoffer said, “the only part that isn’t good is you’re away from home more but the money is pretty good.”

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