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Trucking job vacancies continue to increase – Truck News

Canadian trucking jobs continue to go unfilled, according to the latest data in Trucking HR Canada’s Q1 vacancy report.

The vacancy rate for both the truck transportation sector and transport truck driver occupation increased compared to the previous quarter. Though vacancies increased, the total demand for workers in the sector decreased between Q4 2022 and the first quarter of this year.

vacancies chart
(Source: Trucking HR Canada)

“Although we have seen a cooling within the Canadian economy, we have not seen a corresponding dampening of vacancies for truck drivers,” says Craig Faucette, chief programs officer at THRC. “With the expectation that vacancies will continue to rise over the next quarter, this will continue to put pressure on employers to meet their employment needs.”

Based on data for April and May, labor shortages will likely accelerate throughout 2023, Trucking HR Canada anticipates.

The number of vacancies in the first quarter increased by 475 jobs, to 17,640 vacant positions. The number of truck driver vacancies rose by 1,520 positions to 23,205. Trucking HR Canada noted the number of truck driver vacancies exceeded the number of vacant jobs in the truck transportation sector, as nearly half of truck drivers work outside the truck transportation sector, such as in agriculture, construction, or mining.

The percentage of vacant positions that have been listed for more than 90 days dropped to 49% in the quarter, down from 57% the previous quarter.

The full report can be found in English here, and French here.

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