Trux Accessories debuts Class 1 LED warning lamps


Trux Accessories has introduced more game-changing innovation to the trucking industry with its new line of Class 1 LED Warning Lights.

Transforming ordinary in extraordinary, Trux says it has brought together functionality and design by creating state-of-the-art, ground-breaking SKUs that are not just game-changing, but are also time-saving and cost-saving to distributors and their customers.

The Class 1 Series is available in Permanent and Vacuum-Magnet Mount options. To reduce the labor-intensive installation process for permanent mounts, Trux says it has developed its “Multi-Light Pattern Lock” system that automatically syncs multiple lights to the same pattern with one master light. Installers no longer have to program one light at a time. Whether it be beacon, directional LEDs (flashers) or LED light bars, Trux says installers can sync up to 15 permanent mount models with this time saving feature. In addition, switching between Alternating and Synchronization modes no longer requires re-wiring or re-programming, eliminating downtime in the field, the company says.

As the leaders in innovation, Trux also delivers an industry-leading 36 flash patterns that can be programmed to three favorites with unlimited overwriting, allowing customers to save and cycle their favorites without having to scroll through countless patterns, the company says. More information about the Class 1 Series’ features can be found in the company’s product release video.

“This brings variety and importance to all users which is our mission for every feature that we developed for the Class 1 product line,” says Dave Merovitz, chief of innovation officer (CINO), Trux Accessories.

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