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TTSAO, Driver Verified roll out ‘Heavy G’ training program – Truck News

The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) and Driver Verified have launched a ‘Heavy G’ class driver training program in Ontario.

The program is designed for drivers with G-class licences (four-wheelers), who for example, take a job driving a heavy van for a delivery service and may be unaware they must perform a daily pre-trip inspection and meet other commercial vehicle requirements.  

In Ontario, commercial vehicles heavier than 4,500 kg (such as delivery vans) but under 11,000 kg, can be driven with G-class licence. However, commercial operators find it can be difficult to add G-class licensed drivers to a commercial auto policy for this category of heavy commercial vehicles.

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“Given the explosion of drivers in the delivery industry as well as those hauling trailers as part of their business, it’s been clear for a while that additional training is needed,” Philip Fletcher, president of TTSAO, said in a news release. “All drivers should receive training before taking on the responsibility of operating a commercial vehicle.”

“All commercial drivers are subject to rules and regulations governing the operation of a commercial vehicle, and generally those who have upgraded to commercial licences have had to do mandatory training and licensing to ensure they’re aware of their responsibilities,” added Caleb Krahn, president at Driver Verified. “However, commercial drivers including delivery van drivers or those pulling a trailer with only a G-class licence are not subject to any additional mandatory training.”

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“We are aware of the training gap between the basic G licence and the commercial D licence which has existed for a number of years,” said Patrice Veillette, manager, risk control, Intact Canada. “This new program will assist in narrowing this gap. The ‘Heavy G’ program can support designing coverage that works for delivery firms and other businesses which have invested in larger vehicles and have new drivers to train.”

The program will be administered by Driver Verified and delivered at participating TTSAO member schools. The two-day course can be tailored to the client’s specific type of equipment.

It includes: eight hours in-class training and eight hours in the yard and on the road; pre-trip inspections; rules of the road; defensive driving; sign recognition; load securement; backing techniques; and transportation of dangerous goods is available as an optional add-on.

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