Unclaimed Baggage now offering its weirdest finds online


Need a spearfishing pole? Lederhosen? Hasidic fedora? Python skin pumps?

For years, you had to drive to Scottsboro to have any hope of finding those things and others like them, digging into the vast treasure hunt that is Unclaimed Baggage. Now the store, which usually lands on lists of Alabama’s most popular tourist attractions, is expanding its presence online and taking that experience to the Internet.

Unclaimed Baggage has revamped its online shop with a new category – “Weird and Wonderful Finds.” Under this tab, you can see some of the stranger items that make it to the store, encompassing everything from souvenirs to jewelry to art and collectibles.

CEO Bryan Owens said customers had long asked for an online version of the shopping experience in-store.

Unclaimed Baggage had big plans for 2020. Then again, who didn’t? The store anticipated celebrating its 50th anniversary with a nationwide “50 Years 50 States Road Tour,” featuring a restored 1965 Chevrolet pickup truck. The truck resembled what store founder Doyle Owens borrowed when he drove to Washington D.C., to purchase his first load of unclaimed baggage from Trailways Bus Lines.

The coronavirus pandemic put a hold on those plans, closing the store in late March until it reopened in early May.

Unclaimed Baggage features items that airlines and other travel businesses have been unable to reunite with their former owners. New items are added regularly.

In addition to traditional categories like apparel and shoes, there are also fine jewelry, musical instruments, sporting goods, electronics and entertainment items. Showing up among the offerings lately have been a Jesse Ventura action figure, a Rolling Stones collectible jacket, a 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series ballcap, anti-radiation boxer briefs and a diamond tennis bracelet for $8,720.99.

You can visit the site here.

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