Under the garb of protests, rioters vandalise stores and loot items in USA


Violent protests and rampage had gripped several cities in the United States of America after the death of a black person George Floyd due to police brutality sparked outrage in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

However, the ‘protests’ have now evolved into large-scale looting, mayhem and rampant crimes.

Videos of rioters looting the showrooms of luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and others have been doing rounds on social media. In the viral social media videos, it was seen that looters and vandals, under the garb of protests, have been attacking stores in several cities and looting the items, fleeing to their cars with the expensive goods.

More videos of rampant loot and crimes are now doing rounds on social media. It is disturbing that the protests, which started over demands to get justice for an unfortunate victim of police brutality, have now morphed into rampant anarchy, and robbery.

In Rochester, New York, protestors were seen looting a store and fleeing with stacks of Nike shoes.

The videos shows that people are not just looting from the store, but also from each other. Seemingly well-to-do persons are seen parking their cars and rushing to loot the stores.

In NYC, a Lululemon store was vandalised by the so-called protestors where they just broke the glass, and proceeded to loot the store.

Another store of the luxury watch brant Rolex was also looted in Manhattan, NYC.

Amazon Truck looted

Even cargo trucks containing online order packages were not spared. In a video, looters were seen rampaging an Amazon delivery truck in Santa Monica, California.

Looters ‘looting’ each other

In another video shared by Norbert Elkes, looters were seen brutally attacking other looters to grab the goods.

Pooping, looting, burning for ‘justice’

Utter lawlessness and rampant violence have been spreading in several US states. While US President Trump has called for strict control of riots and violence, the condition seems to be worsening day by day.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, a white woman was seen squatting on top of an overturned police vehicle and defecating while onlookers cheered around her. While the video went instantly viral, the hashtag #Poopingforjustice started trending.

‘Protestors’ have also set several private and government vehicles, properties and even a police precinct on fire in the USA. On May 29, the 3rd police precinct in Minneapolis and several shops were set on fire by rioters.

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