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Updated modular KVM matrix switcher on the cards for Avitech | Daily News

The system is card based, with input cards for USB type B, HDMI, DVI, VGA, YPbPr and BNC connections, which support SDI (3G/HD/SD) and CVBS (NTSC/PAL) source signals. There are also input cards with HDBaseT and IP extenders for sources up to 100 metres away from the chassis.

There are also single-view, dual-view multiview, quad-view HD multiview and quad-view 4K30 multiview output cards with HDMI ports available, plus extension options for monitors up to 100m away.

The Pacific MS-3 and Pacific MS-6 have a control board card with an in-system graphical user interface so it’s plug-and-play. The new Pacific MS-1 has an in-system web-browser based GUI that an operator can access from major web browsers and any computer on a local area network, with no need to install any software on the computer.

The MS-1 also has an in-system human machine interface (HMI), which is also accessible from web browsers, and supports touch operation on Android, Windows and Apple devices. With the HMI, an operator can activate customisable presets, switch sources and mouse/keyboard control, and change multiview layouts and make multiview windows full screen, and control brightness for approved monitors.

For control room applications, an operator can use the Pacific MS to combine multiple screens in a user workstation – for example, a manager could have three monitors with quad-view 4K30 multiview in front of them and see twelve sources at the same time. They would be able to use a single mouse and keyboard to move the mouse cursor across all three monitors and all 12 sources (the Avitech Surfer mode feature) and be able to click into any computer source to have mouse and keyboard control as well.

Norway-based BrunstadTV broadcasts to domestic and international audiences. In its OB truck staff needed to access multiple computers, to record, play back and add effects. Not all computers are used concurrently, but the team wanted to see all the computers so that when needed, they could quickly select and operate a computer. As the OB truck has limited space, any equipment needed to have a small footprint.

BrunstadTV chose the Pacific MS system, because its modular design made it ideal for its use of mixed signal types (HDMI, VGA and SDI) and a combination of both computers and video sources. Integrated Pacific X-HDU extenders made it possible to access all the sources from up to 100m away from the chassis and to set up user workstations in the tech, audio and production areas of the truck.

“You do not need to install any separate software, but that the system uses the standard USB solution makes installation very easy,” explained BrunstadTV technical manager Kristian Kristoffersen. “We have now a system that is very user friendly and the operators are very pleased with. It’s easy to use and has fast response.”

Avitech has also recently seen its oIP Ecosystem gain two major successful installations in Europe and North America.

It’s an over IP ecosystem with KVM switching, integrated multiview, multi-touch, and video wall capabilities. It supports 4K30 UHD resolution 4:4:4 colour space with up to one frame latency. An example project would be a control room with a 4×5 video wall with 20 UHD 4K screens, two 55-inch touch screens with video wall control and multiview, and ten user workstations, each with a UHD 4K monitor with quad-view multiview and KVM switching for 30 source computers and other systems and equipment.

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