Vendors, food trucks struggling after many festival closures: ‘I have lost everything’


“We’re fortunate that we ship to 30 different states,” she said. “We were working more than normal and working overtime when everybody was shut down. People love our product.”

It has, however, become a difficult situation to navigate as issues like wearing masks have become contentious. Some have questioned whether the food truck should even attend events.

“We’re trying to stay as positive as we can that this will pass and it will change,” Goffin said. “We’re trying to smile through the madness.”

Ace Catering, which sells barbecued Dragobob skewers at events like Pierogi Fest, has suffered from the cancellation of about 95% of the summer events its food trucks normally attends. It hadn’t worked a single event yet this year until the Dyer Farmers Market returned last week.

“It’s been horrible,” owner Raymond Kosinski said. “Things are starting to pick up, more so in Indiana. We’ve gotten open houses, graduation parties, smaller groups.”

He said it was almost a blessing Pierogi Fest, where he normally has three booths grilling up Dragobobs, was canceled this year because he would have no way of knowing how much meat to order.

“We ordered $2,200 worth of meat for the Fourth of July in Griffith and then the governor announced the state would not open,” he said. “Fortunately we were able to freeze it, but it’s pretty tricky to prepare in advance under these circumstances. Not as many people would attend Pierogi Fest. I would have ordered the amount I normally do. But do you buy less meat and run out the first day or more and end up stuck with a bunch of food you can’t sell?”

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