VMAC debuts PTO-driven air compressor for service trucks


VMAC introduces a state-of-the-art PTO driven technology that will set a new standard for air compressor and hydraulic multi-power systems.

As the next generation of its Direct-Transmission Mounted Multi-Power System, VMAC says the new DTM70-H is now available for release. Designed as a configurable, all-in-one solution for service trucks fitted with hydraulic cranes or other hydraulic components, VMAC says the DTM70-H features a priority valve and an intelligent throttle control system to allow for variable air-on-demand with increased CFM output, while simultaneously providing steady GPM output.

“Cranes require steady hydraulic flow, while air systems can benefit from adaptive air-on-demand control, providing maximum air flow only when it is needed. Combining both these functions into one sophisticated system gives operators the best of both worlds,” says Chris Moyse, engineering lead for the DTM70-H.

VMAC says the new product allows operators to switch between fixed and variable operating modes. Fixed mode maintains a pre-set low engine RPM for running hydraulic equipment and providing a steady rate of compressed air. Variable mode enables engine RPM to increase and decrease automatically based on air demand, while still maintaining steady hydraulic flow. Both modes enable hydraulic equipment to operate at their required speeds, the company says..

The DTM70-H is engineered to fit 2017-2020+ Ford F250 to F550 Super Duty 6.7L Power Stroke diesel 4×2 and 4×4 work trucks with 6-speed and 10-speed TorqShift Automatic Transmissions. The priority flow control valve and intelligent throttle control are available for 2020+ model year work trucks only, the company says.

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