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Volvo Trucks in Sweden: Photo gallery – Truck News

Sixteen journalists, including two from Newcom Media, traveled to Gothenburg, Sweden, for in-depth briefings by Volvo Trucks executives as the OEM highlighted business plans anchored in sustainability.

Here’s a look at glimpse at what we saw:

Battery-electric Volvos
Battery-electric trucks line the track at the Volvo Trucks Demonstration Center in Sweden. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
Volvo low-emission vehicles
Volvo’s focus on emissions also extends to fuel-cell-electric vehicles, drawing on the joint cellcentric venture with Daimler Truck, and natural gas. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
refueling fuel cell
Team members at the Hallered ProvingGground refuel a fuel-cell-electric-vehicle prototype with hydrogen. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
Volvo customer center
The Volvo Trucks Demonstration Center. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
electric trucks
Customers enjoy a hands-on experience at the Volvo Trucks Demonstration Center. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
World of Volvo
World of Volvo, to be completed by the end of this year and open in early 2024, will include 22,000 square meters of conference rooms, event areas, interactive exhibits, bistro and restaurant. It’s a joint venture between AB Volvo and Volvo Cars. (Photo: John G. Smith)
House of Sweden
Everyone in Sweden has the freedom to roam and explore nature. They’ll also have access to the World of Volvo. (Photo: John G. Smith)
Jessica Sandstrom
“We need to speed up the shift and we need to do it now. Public charging networks will be a key to scale,” said head of product management Jessica Sandstrom. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
Roger Alm
“We also now need politicians then to support that transformation,” Volvo Trucks president Roger Alm said. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
Roger Alm
Roger Alm, president of Volvo Trucks, says several early electric truck users have already proclaimed they have bought their last diesel-powered equipment. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
Elisabeth Larsson
“We want to make sure that we utilize to the max those minerals that we have already taken out,” says Elisabeth Larsson, senior vice-president sales and service at Volvo Energy. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
Kristina Nilsson
“We need to make sure that the charging infrastructure, the hydrogen infrastructure, is there to support all products on the market so that we can accelerate,” says Kristina Nilsson, head of charging infrastructure solutions. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
Volvo Trucks global
Volvo sells trucks and provides service in more than 130 countries. (Photo: John G. Smith)
Lars Martensson
“This is not only about climate. This is not only about electromobility. This is also very much about circularity,” says environment and innovation director Lars Martensson. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
electric truck
The future of Volvo Trucks is electric … (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
… and hydrogen … (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
natural gas
… and natural gas. (Photo: Volvo Trucks)
Volvo Camp X
Teams continue to imagine the future at Volvo Trucks’ Camp X, one of four innovation hubs located across three continents. (Photo: John G. Smith)

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