West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen gray pickup; stolen e-bike; dumped tote bag and groceries


Three notes this afternoon:

STOLEN PICKUP TRUCK: From M: “Parked in street at 32nd/Kenyon, stolen sometime last night, early today. 2014 dark gray Toyota Tacoma pickup, long bed with canopy. Has a dragon boat sticker in back canopy window, and a Hawaiian sticker.” We’ll add the plate when we get it. Call 911 if you see this pickup.

STOLEN E-BIKE: From Patricia:

Last night someone got into our garage and took our e-bike, near 35th SW and Thistle. The battery was charging, so it was not with the bike. Similar detail to the post on 2 July Gatewood car prowl with glove box contents scattered on passenger seat. Opened garage with the remote in the car, then took the ebike.

DUMPED TOTE BAG/GROCERIES: Also along Thistle, just east of California, we discovered this on the south-side-of-street planting strip, and are wondering if it was taken in a car prowl: A spilled bag of groceries – unopened cans of soup, a bag of pasta, bottles of sauces. There were drink cans when we first noticed this two days ago, but those are gone now. While using a grabber to pick up the remaining cans, we noticed a name written on the grocery bag, in childlike printing, first name starting with E and last name Baff— (we tried looking online for a match, no luck), and this striped mini-tote bag:

We’re leaving the items on the planting strip in case someone recognizes them. If we wind up having to dispose of the food (which is now in an otherwise-clean black bag), we’ll make an equivalent cash donation to the food bank that serves this area, hate to see it wasted.

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