Why Anand Mahindra termed this Mahindra ‘tipper truck’ illegal and unsafe


Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to share a video of Mahindra pickup truck as a tipper vehicle to highlight how people use unsafe way to get their jobs done.

The video, possibly shot somewhere in Kerala, shows a Mahindra pickup truck being used to carry dead logs. A group of people manually lifts the car by pushing up the front section of the vehicle to unload the logs. Visibly, the logs outweigh the maximum loading capacity of the vehicle, which made it easier for the group of people to carry out the task.

Anand Mahindra not only criticised the unsafe tactics used to convert the pickup truck as a tipper vehicle, but also raised safety concerns for the people holding the vehicle up with their bare hands. However, he also took note of how people carry out their tasks with little or no resource and the perseverance shown in their jobs.

Mahindra wrote, “Got this random video today. Crazy. They’ve made this the cheapest possible tipper truck. Violates all safety & loading regulations. Hugely unsafe for those holding the truck up. Yet I marvel at how our people persevere & manage without resources.”

Besides passenger vehicles, Mahindra is more popular for manufacturing commercial vehicles like tractors, pickup trucks among others. The particular vehicle seen in the video seems to be an old version of the NC 640 trucks, or an old Mahindra Commander converted into a pickup truck.

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