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Winning lottery was such a headache | The Northern Daily Leader


It seemed good at the time. Normally when you get a call to tell you that you’ve won $6.4 million it’s good news, right? I mean you’ve been there, you know what I mean. But, my word, the pressure is intense isn’t it? Okay, initially it’s quite intoxicating. Telling your partner is fun. “How much did I win? Guess” “More, more, much more, much, much more. No, think millions, more, more.” And then the reality hits home. “Don’t tell the kids!” I mean, they’ve got to learn to be independent and work for a living. You can’t just hand them a couple of million and say “enjoy yourself”. What would become of them? “Don’t tell my brothers and sisters.” Imagine that. Constant requests for financial bailouts, seed money for investment opportunities, “loans” for renovations. “Don’t tell anyone!” Every bleeding heart in town will be knocking on the door expecting a handout. No, no, we cannot buy that house or that car. People will notice. They will say, “where did they get the money to buy that?” They will know. No, of course we can’t quit our jobs. Who quits their jobs? I’ll tell you who. People who’ve just won a truck load of money. That’s who. God, this is stressful. What are the tax implications of winning this much money? Should we see a financial planner? No, don’t trust them… parasites. Yes, yes, darling, we will use our money to help those who are doing it tough. You know the ones struggling to feed their families and stuff. We will help them… in time. Just not right now. We have to get organised. We have to build a solid platform. $6.4 million is not as much as you think. I mean people with that sort of money do go bankrupt you know. Think of it this way. The money that we spend, and that will be lots, will boost the local economy. It will keep business ticking over. It will keep people in jobs. You know, eventually we will need cleaners, we will need chefs, drivers, personal fitness instructors, yoga teachers, meditation practitioners, lawyers, accountants, gardeners, security. So you see we don’t really need to share our money. It sort of just trickles down and helps everybody. Just being rich is a good deed.



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