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Piotr Fenik recalls traffic so heavy “like a parking lot”, before watching a teenager struck and run over by a truck in southwest Sydney, a court has heard. George Kyriakidis, 45, was driving his tipper-truck through peak-hour traffic in suburban Bankstown when he stopped behind a car in August 2018. Mr Fenik said school children were heading home for the day when he noticed one walking into the middle of the road before stopping right in front of the truck. “For reasons unknown the accused decided to perform a manoeuvre which saw him cross onto a painted island on the road …then perform an illegal entry into Edward Street,” crown prosecutor Mark Hay told the court on Tuesday. Seconds before Mr Fenik had watched the teenager run into the pathway of the truck. “I suspect the boy was almost touching the truck. It was right in font of him,” he said. “Moments later I saw the truck start moving and the boy fell to the left.” Kyriakidis drove his Volvo truck into the teenager at about 4.52pm, according to the agreed statement of facts. Telephone records show Kyriakidis received a telephone call four minutes before the crash, which ended one minute after. None of the witnesses on Wednesday could say whether the truck was indicating at the time. After seeing the teenager fall to the ground Rehena Yeasmin and her work colleague ran to the boy’s aid. During a police interview in November 2019, Ms Yeasmin said she picked up a mobile phone from the boy and handed it to the officer in charge. Kyriakidis has pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving occasioning death, negligent driving and not keeping left of a median strip and motor vehicle. The Panania man’s trial in the Downing Centre District Court continues. Australian Associated Press


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