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New Delhi: Worksport has announced the global launch of a tonneau cover that generates electricity with solar energy to electrify conventional trucks and soon provide a meaningful charge for forthcoming electric pickups and other light trucks.

The add-on solar accessory named TerraVis is a highly advanced fusion of solar engineering, technology, and design for light duty pickup trucks, the top selling vehicles in North America, the company said in a release.

TerraVis will provide users with a customized user experience, allowing the ability to do more with the truck while providing a meaningful energy source with no carbon footprint, the Toronto-based company said.

“This is a great day in a great year for Worksport,” said CEO Steven Rossi. “When the launch occurs, customers and investors will be able to see how much work has gone into this outstanding technologically advanced and propriety solar product. We expect that it will be exceptionally accretive to the company.”

The launch will comprise product videos, photos, and early specifications as the company works diligently towards finalizing the product and negotiating economic partnerships, Rossi said.

In the near future, the new Worksport site will also utilize a proprietary revenue-centric backend system where Worksport customers can place and manage orders, as well as track shipments, and pay account balances. This technology will place Worksport in a key position as an advanced vertically integrated, connected, and accessible manufacturing brand.

“We are entering the era we have been working toward for so long,” Rossi said. “With hard work, the Worksport dream is coming true, with revenues, reach, customers, technology, a brand and patent- and trademark-protected intellectual property working together in an unbeatable combination achieving long-predicted success. For Worksport, the best is yet to come.”

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