Yoho Camper Shell Is A Feature-Rich Topper For Small Pickup Trucks


Adventure Vehicle Manufacturer Introduces The Lightest Off-Grid Hardwall Camper In The Truck Camper Industry

Yakima, Washington (June 10th, 2020) – Scout Campers, the new lightweight off-grid truck camper brand, launched the second model of their fleet today – The Yoho 6.0. The Scout Yoho is the lightest hardwall truck bed camper in the truck camping industry, weighing a base weight of 913 lbs dry, sleeping up to 4, and built for mid-size trucks. The campers start at $19,240 USD.

Holding true to the values of the Scout brand, the Yoho was developed for campers who want an exceptionally lightweight, highly-durable, and versatile off-grid truck bed camper. The Scout Yoho is like a backpack for a truck – inside it contains all the camping equipment one needs for off-grid truck camping adventures and the portability to take out and use the components outside.
What differentiates the Scout Yoho from Scout’s first model, the Olympic, is its size, weight, and supreme minimalism.

The floor length is 69¾” the exterior width is 74¾”, and interior height is 75”. There are some key feature differences too like a large Gear Locker located on the passenger side (66 3/7 ” W x 17 ½” H x 6″ D), the option for the 45L CFX Dometic fridge/freezer, and a new multi-functional design feature that can sleep 2 people – the Convertible Lounge. The ideal seat, sleep, and eat set up, this new feature serves as an open L-shaped style seating area, a dinette, and easily transitions into 2 comfortable beds at night.

The Yoho truck camper comes with most of the same jam-packed standard features as its predecessor like the 160W Renogy Monocrystalline Solar Panel, the portable Yeti 1000 Lithium Power Station, the portable 4.9 gal Lifesaver Water Storage with built-in filtration, a Moon Roof, and a Ratchet Tie Down System. Many of the same add-ons are available as well, like the Newport 4.5 BTU Real Flame Fireplace, the Rhino Rack 270° Batwing Awning, the portable Dometic 2 Burner cooktop, the portable toilet, and more.

While the truck camper is smaller, it’s just as capable for vigorous adventures due to its pristine construction. Scout Campers are the lightest among all the solid wall truck campers available today. Built with aluminium exo-skeleton framing, these campers are highly durable, safe, and built for 4-season travel. Their no-wood, composite structural panels will never rot, delivering an off-grid truck camper that will last for generations.

The Scout Yoho offers a new range of flexibility because of its small size and low weight among other truck campers. It makes truck camping more accessible by fitting the mid-sized category of trucks like Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado, Nissan Frontier, and more. At only 913lbs dry, users can now pack more gear and worry less about payload
capacities on their off-grid truck camping adventures.

The future is lighter.
To learn more, please visit www.scoutcampers.com

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