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Finally, a Home Security Camera That Easily Mounts inside a Window

In theory, home security systems should make us feel safer — in practice, however, they are anything but discreet, can be difficult to install and can be subject to weather and battery failure. The result is often a poorly positioned indoor security camera looking out through a window — which can lead to annoying reflections caused by interior lights. Fortunately, you can still get reliable home security footage without turning your house into a surveillance bunker — no holes required. Panasonic’s HomeHawk WINDOW is a super wide-angle home monitoring camera that mounts discreetly to the inside of any window. The camera features built-in person detection, 24/7 full HD recording with color night-vision and Alexa compatibility right out of the box — and with no monthly fees or contracts, it’s one of the most convenient and low-commitment options out there.

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Tesla’s First Affordable Car Could Arrive Soon, Thanks to VW

Volkswagen’s new ID.3 hatchback could force Tesla to respond with a cheaper hatchback of its own.

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How to Take a Magazine Cover-Worthy Photo of a Car

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to snap a picture of a car that looks fit for print. Here’s how.

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The Best T-Shirts You Can Get Under $20

The Best Sleeping Bags for Side Sleepers

A new breed of sleeping bag that comes in unusual shapes is making snoozing in a tent more comfortable for those who sleep on their side.

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This Workout Recovery Tool Is My New WFH Essential

In the age of WFH, my underutilized calf stretcher found some new (and much-needed) purpose.

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This Is the Actual Watch that Helped Charles Lindbergh Navigate the Skies

The Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle watch was the original Global Positioning System.

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The New 2021 Chevy Tahoe Is a Little Bigger, and Certainly Better

An all-new Tahoe (and Suburban) have hit the streets to battle for giant SUV supremacy. We took it for a spin.

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This Incredible, Overkill Charger Is (Almost) Everything Apple’s AirPower Was Supposed to Be

No One Is Impressed by Your Enormous Coffee Mug

This Truck Bed Camper Is Way Better Than a Camping Trailer for Overlanding

Talus Expedition Gear’s VenturePack offers everything you’d want from a camping trailer — plus, you don’t need to tow it.

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Fitbit’s New Smartwatch Goes Toe-to-Toe With the Apple Watch For Way Less

Fitbit just announced a new smartwatch, called the Fitbit Sense, which has a new EDA sensor that can measures skin temperature and help you manage your stress.

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Uniqlo’s Face Masks Are Finally Here (But Not for Long)

The hotly anticipated mask uses Uniqlo’s lightweight and breathable AIRism tech.

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Now You Can Customize One of the Best Pocket Knives for Hiking

Benchmade’s 1.85-ounce Bugout has been a popular pocket knife choice for outdoor adventure since it was introduced in 2017. Now it comes in endless variations.

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If Apple Made a Smart Lock, This Is What It’d Look Like

Get This Limited Edition Zodiac GMT Watch Before It Sells Out

Zodiac’s dive-rated travel watch, now available in a cool sherbert colorway, won’t be around for long.

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This Insane Clock Looks Like It’s from the Future

A new clock from German artist Franck Buchwald uses a old technology to make a futuristic time-telling device like you’ve never seen.

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This Is Your Last Chance to Win the Perfect Pickup Truck / Camping Trailer Pair

Help provide outdoor adventures to those who need a break… and maybe win the ultimate truck and camping trailer combo.

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