Your Land Rover Defender needs a roof tent


Actually planning on taking your new Land Rover Defender on a bit of an adventure? Good, you should. Trust us. You’ll be wanting one of these. It’s a rooftop tent designed specifically for the new Defender by an Italian company called Autohome, and it’s quite excellent.

The 2.3 metre long, 1.3m wide and 1.5m tall tent sleeps two on a full-size cotton mattress. It comes with pillows, LED reading lights and a ladder, which can be stored in the tent when it’s folded away. The whole thing lives in an aerodynamic fibreglass box – not unlike a typical roof box. To get in, simply unlatch one end then lift a bit until the gas struts take over. Easy.

It’s not cheap – €3,081.96 before VAT – but we’re told it’s made from “premium quality materials that have been proven in the harshest climates”, and has been designed to work with the roof rack and rails you get on Defenders equipped with the Adventure Pack. So no faffing required.

There already more than 170 official accessories available for the new Defender. Those looking to engage in a spot of light adventuring should check out the integrated air compressor and winch, but probably ignore the illuminated tread plates…

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