ZF launches WABCO ToolBox Plus diagnostic software


ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Control Systems division announced the release of the WABCO ToolBox Plus, the latest generation of its PC-based advanced diagnostics software that expedites vehicle and trailer diagnosis.

The latest ToolBox software offers expanded diagnostic capabilities and support for the current WABCO product portfolio — including latest product releases Intelligent Anti-lock Braking System (iABS) for trailers, Modular Braking System Platform (mBSP) for trucks and TailGUARD reversing collision avoidance system for trucks and trailers.

ToolBox diagnostic software was first introduced nearly two decades ago and has been continuously upgraded, with approximately 12,000 fleets, dealers and independent service garages currently using it. ToolBox Plus provides automatic software upgrades and is supported by an upgraded, easy-to-use homepage interface featuring applications grouped by truck, tractor, bus and trailer, the company says.

“ToolBox Plus is designed to enable users to quickly and easily run accurate diagnostics to get vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible and increase uptime for ZF customers,” says Abe Aon, business leader, North America aftersales, service and support – Commercial Vehicle Control Systems Division.

“ZF is a dedicated supplier partner providing fleets with comprehensive ownership support, and ToolBox Plus has a key role to play in this by providing diagnostic support throughout the lifecycle of a vehicle,” Aon says.

To expedite diagnostics, ToolBox Plus has a “roll call” feature that automatically detects and populates WABCO systems included on the vehicle. With a click, users can diagnose fault codes, view repair and installation instructions and access maintenance manuals. When further technical support is required, the software pre-populates the WABCO product warranty form with key information such as the vehicle identification number and fault codes, saving the user time. The form can then simply be emailed to the WABCO Customer Care Center, the company says.

ToolBox Plus includes aftermarket programming functionality which enables on-demand programming of replacement electronic control units (ECUs) for WABCO truck ABS, as well as the WABCO OnLaneALERT Lane Departure Warning camera. ZF is the only supplier that provides aftermarket programming of ABS ECUs, which helps fleets reduce downtime, inventory requirements and costs, the company says.

ToolBox Plus is available in one-, two- and three-year subscriptions through exclusive distributor Snap-On.

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