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ZM Trucks to manufacture BEVs, FCEVs in Canada – Truck News

ZM Trucks will begin production of its vehicles in Canada late in the first quarter of 2025.

The subsidiary of ZO Motors made its debut at ACT Expo in Las Vegas, Nev., presenting five models in the Class 4, 5, 6 and “baby 8” segments, expected to be on sale before the end of 2024. Vehicles will also be produced in California for the U.S. market.

J. Joost de Vries, CEO, told TruckNews.com the trucks will be built at ITD Industries in Toronto. The manufacturer of battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles will target municipalities to expand growth.

Picture of J. Joost de Vries
Joost de Vries address the audience during ZM Trucks’ debut at ACT Expo in Las Vegas, Nev. (Photo: Leo Barros)

After that, de Vries has set his sights on small fleets. His target audience will be family-owned businesses with five to 10 trucks. “They are the most resistant. If you can win there, the rest is easy. So go for the toughest markets first and set your standards high and then you can move forward easily,” he said after the North American launch.

He said the biggest challenge is adoption rates. “Some customers may have tried lesser quality products or science experiments that have poisoned the market. I have to convince them to buy my truck, bring them back and show them a good experience.”

Proven, reliable technology

He said customers will buy his vehicles not only because they are environmentally friendly but also because they save money.

“ZM Trucks isn’t your typical untested startup. As a subsidiary of ZO Motors Tokyo, our zero-emissions vehicles are grounded in proven and reliable technology, as well as solid funding and access to supply chain resources and partnerships that would be out of reach for most brands starting out,” de Vries said.

ZM Trucks provides for cost-efficient charging, with 20 kW AC charging solutions, alongside standard DC charging options. A standard 220v/100a circuit will allow for overnight charging. The trucks are designed with clean back-of-cab and chassis rails, enabling upfit solutions. They are equipped with dual electric power takeoffs.

The manufacturer offers transportation solutions, including service, diagnostics, parts support, and a cloud-based fleet management system designed to optimize drivers and routes, all focused on reducing cost-per-mile.

Picture of ZM8 BEV
The ZM8 BEV on display during ACT Expo in Las Vegas, Nev. (Photo: Leo Barros)

The ZM4 is a Class 4 battery electric van with a unibody design, 132 kWh HV battery offering a range of 150 miles (242 km), and AC charging of 20 to 100% in 5.5 hours. The payload is 5,730 lbs (2,600 kg) with a cargo capacity of 497 cubic feet (14 m³).

The ZM8 is a Class 6 BEV offers a 200 kW e-axle with in-frame 132 kWh HV battery that has a range of 160 miles (260 km). It has box sizes from 18 to 22 feet, with a payload of 12,900 lbs (5,850 kg).


The ZM8 FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle) has 110 KW fuel cell power providing a range of 186 miles (300 km). It has 26 lbs (12 kg) of hydrogen storage, offering rapid refueling in five minutes. It offers a payload of 13,560 lbs (6,150 kg).

The ZM 22 Class 8 BEV is designed with 264 kWh in-frame, HV batteries and a 2-speed, dual motor e-axle capable of 500 kW peak power. It has a range of 162 miles (260 km) and payload of 34,060 lbs (15,450 kg). It has an ePTO of 20kW + 60 kW, offers 240 kW DC charging of 20%-80% in 36 minutes.

The ZM22 FCEV is supported by a 60 kWh in-frame HV battery offering a range of 311 miles (500 km) and payload of 34,720 lbs (15,750 kg). It has 66 lbs (30 kg) of hydrogen storage with refueling taking 11 minutes.

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